Web Design

Gelsosomo’s Case Study

This project began in January 2019 and was completed by February 2019. The project included website design and conception, copy development, and graphics.

While talking to the owners, it was apparent that responsivity and ease of access were extremely important.

The restaurant was focused on creating a family atmosphere, while also being a prominent community bar.

The home page was heavily populated but made with the ease of scrolling in mind. The information is clean and concise.

NWI Cryotherapy & Fitness Case Study

This project began in mid-October and was completed in a month. The project included logo design and conception, website design and development and training. 

The company had an opening date of December 1. They needed a website built for their clients to access information about the Cryotherapy business. 

The thought process behind the design of the website was to keep it as clean and accessible as possible. Although there are multiple click through progressions, they are necessary to keep the design clean. 

There have been 1500+ unique visitors to the website and 3,465 page views. 

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